The Rules

The Norfolk Bird Race is a fun event so we don't like to have too many rules. However, there are a few things that need a mention.


The welfare of the birds must come first. Therefore disturbance (flushing sitting birds off nests etc.) is not allowed. “Out of bounds” birds e.g. Montagu's Harrier on nest will be decided beforehand and avoided.

Use of tape lures to attract birds is forbidden.

Attempt to be made in one calendar day from midnight to midnight on the 30th April 2016.

Teams to consist of 4 team members, all members of the team must see or hear the bird at some point during the 24 hours for it to be counted.

Oiled or sick birds do not count.

Rarities need verification from the Rarities Committee.

All birds counted must be on the British list, but escapes should be noted and added in brackets.

Trespassing in search of birds is forbidden.

All distances must be covered at an average speed under the speed limit for each road.

Lateness. For each minute late, 10 minutes will be counted back and any birds recorded within that time discounted. We have yet to decide on a "finishing line" so if you have a venue in Norfolk that would like to host the event please get in touch.

The Norfolk Bird Race relies on the honesty and integrity of its participants so no stringers please!

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